we are not here to take a part…we are here to take over…


Gotham Club Sofia

There are places, that you remember all your life! There are moments, in which you feel really alive! There are things that inspire you and there are people that make you feel special.

With open doors we welcome you in the club for those thirsty for adventure, deep impression and good mood.

The night life is the way – to forget everyday concerns, to relax to the good music, to enjoy a glass of fragrant wine, to embrace your emotions and let them guide you straight ahead in our direction. Are you ready to raise your heartbeat and vibrate to the rhythm of GOTHAM CLUB? The temptation which suddenly appears, but settles permanently and comfortably in your heart and mind, seducing you like a gentle call… like a new thrill that is born suddenly and strikes the night life in Sofia.

The nation’s club scene looks like it’s missing something. Something we all need. Something different, something new and exciting, something to feel personally, as if specially designed… something just for you! A place to love and feel like you belong to, under the sound of your favorite tracks, hits you love and make you dance!

Live now! Seize the moment and shape your own party night in GOTHAM CLUB!

There are places you remember for life! There are moments in which you realize that you are alive! Most come and go.





1, „Stefan Karadja“ street, Sofia 1000


Phone: +359 (0) 877 22 66 66

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